Who Buys Junk Cars?

13 October 2022
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If you have a junk car you'd like to sell, you may wonder what you can do with it. After all, you might not realize that anybody would want to buy it. However, there are actually quite a few different people and businesses that would love to purchase your junk car. These are some of the businesses and people who might be interested in buying your junk car. Hobbyists There are some people who enjoy working on cars as a hobby. Read More 

Going On A Road Trip? 3 Things To Talk To Your Auto Mechanic About First

10 July 2019
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If you are heading out on a road trip, you may have big plans to get out on the road with your family and friends and see all that this country has to offer. In between planning all of your fun stops on the way, make sure that your car gets checked out first by your mechanic. But for what? This article will list three specific things. Tire Pressure Being out on the open road with no tire shop in sight may not be something that you think about until you get a flat tire. Read More