Potential Hidden Problems After A Minor Collision

24 September 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When you have a minor car accident, there may be a chance you could really have some serious hidden damage without even knowing it. Even if your car shows little or almost damage on the outside, there could be other components that were affected. Unless you know what to look for, this damage is often difficult to find, but could still affect the safety and usability of your car. Here are five types of hidden damage that you could have in a minor front or rear end collision.

Radiator and Fan

While your radiator and fan are well-protected in most cases, a minor jolt can possibly knock either one out of line, especially if you have and older car with worn mounts. This could result in hoses tearing or being nicked, radiator fins bending, or fan blades cracking.


Depending on where you were hit, a minor fender-bender can knock your alignment off. Your brakes, suspension and steering could all be affected. Even if you don't notice much of a difference in how your car handles, some parts could be misaligned enough to cause premature wear.

Misaligned Trunk

A minor bump to the rear end of your car could easily cause your trunk hood area to become misaligned. This will make it hard to open and close the lid and could result in the trunk lid flying up while you're on the road at the worst time possible.

Frame Damage

Frame damage can affect everything about your car including how your doors, hood, and trunk close and how your car handles. It is almost impossible to see unless you know exactly what to look for, but it can affect your car's safety.

Battery and Electrical Issues

A minor tap and jolt can jostle your battery enough to damage it internally. It can also cause potential shorts in both the battery area and in other electrical components. Sometimes, these problems won't show up until some time after the accident. Your car may be fine for several days, then, all of a sudden, your battery is dead.

Even if you truly think the damage is minor or only cosmetic, you could still have problems down the road. The longer you let things go, the more likely the problem will get worse. Frame and alignment problems, especially, could become a serious issue. If you've had any type of collision accident, then have your entire car checked out by a collision mechanic who knows what to look for and can rule out potential problems. Contact a shop, like Collisions Plus Performance, for more help.